Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus Migration Bonuses

Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus Migration Bonuses

If you're a savvy digital leader, take advantage of these Magento to Shopify Plus migration bonuses which are limited to only 5 companies in 2024.


We created these amazing bonuses to help you amplify your ecommerce success.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the most value on the market and develop a lifelong business partnership that will ensure any company you lead will succeed.

  • Full Custom Redesign of Ecommerce Store (400 hours - value of $48k)

  • Setup Staging Environment with Github Integration (100 hours - value of $12k)

  • Integrate Custom Shopify Theme with 3rd Party Applications (200 hours - value of $24k)

  • Post-Migration Production Support & Enhancements (300 hours- value of $36k)

  • Advanced SEO Foundation (150 hours - value of $18k)

  • Information Architecture Optimization (100 hours - value of $12k)

  • Advanced Analytics Implementation (200 hours - value of $24k)

  • Web Copy That Sells (200 hours - value of $24k)

  • Custom Blogging Platform (250 hours - value of $30k)

  • Enterprise-Grade Technical SEO (this item alone saved Walmart over $200 million in a single year during a complex tech stack migration) (100 hours - value of $12k)

  • 200 AI-Generated Blog Posts with Editorial Curation (12-month content project) (600 hours - value of $72k)

This comes out to $312k worth of pro bono migration bonuses that will grow your business.


Dana Perez
Dana Perez

Dana is a seasoned digital strategist who excels in propelling digital transformation across various industries. Her innate project management skills and keen attention to detail, coupled with her proficiency in collaborating with clients, have been instrumental in the successful execution of numerous projects.