Bundle Builder

Pick-a-Palette. Custom Shopify Experience.

Our Contribution

In response to Nudestix's specific need for a bespoke and intuitive product bundling experience, we engineered a customized solution that goes beyond the confines of generic Shopify apps. We designed an on-page bundle creation feature allowing customers to seamlessly select, review, and modify their choice of products in real-time. We prioritized an uninterrupted user experience; hence changes to the bundle don’t necessitate a page refresh, promoting a fluid and engaging customer journey.

On the administrative end, we injected flexibility and control, enabling the configuration of bundles containing 2-6 products, optional automatic free gifts, and full customization of visual and functional elements. We ensured this setup is replicable, allowing multiple, concurrent bundle creation pages without any disruption.

To streamline post-purchase processes, we developed a specialized checkout application. It deciphers bundle orders post-payment and converts them into line items, offering clear insights into bundled products for efficient warehouse processing.


This tailor-made solution has not only elevated the user experience for Nudestix customers but also conferred enhanced control and flexibility to the brand. Customers now enjoy a dynamic, intuitive, and seamless process to personalize their product bundles, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

For Nudestix, the custom page has emerged as a versatile tool, imbued with adaptability to cater to diverse offerings and promotional strategies. It’s not just a feature but a strategic asset, enhancing operational efficiency and providing actionable insights for inventory management, thanks to the dedicated checkout application that translates bundle selections into clear, actionable data for warehouses.

In the grander scheme, this innovation underscores our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions, uniquely crafted to align with specific brand needs and customer expectations. Nudestix now stands as a testament to the amalgamation of intuitive design, technical precision, and strategic insight – a narrative of enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency penned in code and user experience.