Quant trading edge.

Edgecharts is a revolutionary quantitative trading platform that we built from the ground up. It allows users to create and deploy market-leading automated trading strategies in just a few minutes without writing a single line of code.

First principles sandbox.

This unique project began with a deep R&D phase. We invented mathematical models that drove the creation of over 50 novel technical analysis indicators.

In plain English, technical analysis indicators are tools used by traders used to predict future price movements based on historical data.


Promoted Winners.

After extensive testing, the top 7 indicators were used as the foundational components of the Edgecharts platform.


Agile. User-driven.

The specific suite of tools that were built was determined by users and their edge-seeking needs.


Test in seconds.

An example of a key platform tool is the proprietary backtester. This tool allows users to test the performance of complex trading strategies at lightning speed.


Next steps.

Continue to evolve Edgecharts into the most powerful quantitative trading platform in the world.