Effortless beauty.

Nudestix is a online makeup and skincare store that was built by our team using Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0 architecture.

The successful redesign has significantly improved the customer experience and site performance. Customers are now able to discover the right products and transact seamlessly.

Primer & Foundation.

This project began with a detailed analysis of the Nudestix Shopify Plus store.

The first step on the roadmap was migrating the store and hundreds of pages to Shopify’s 2.0 architecture, while managing dozens of legacy app integrations.

We built native features where possible to reduce dependencies on 3rd party applications.

This successful migration allowed us to set a smooth canvas for all the makeup that was to come ahead.

Adding color.

During the redesign, we built multiple page types and features, including:

Highly customizable banners and carousels across the site

nx real ppl.png

nx steps to renew.png

Custom bundle building page

nx bundle.png

Addition of pause and play buttons on gifs and videos to improve accessibility and customer experience

nx how it works.png

The highlighter.

Improving on-page SEO was key to attract more customers and highlight Nudestix from the immense pool of beauty brands.

That’s why we built a custom solution to improve SEO for each product variant, as well as on their blog.

nx pdp.png

Next steps.

Provide the best customer support for the existing site and continue building solutions that allows Nudestix to bloom into a top beauty brand.

nx 6 block.png