Ignite emotions.

Wordswan is a publishing platform that allows people to manage and share their creative writing.

Authors decide what to keep private and what they want to share publicly.

Express Through Words.

The purpose of this project was to create a digital space for people to express themselves through creative writing, including, poetry, quotes, lyrics, short stories and personal reflections.


Publish With Ease.

The wordswan editor allows users to publish their creative content quickly and easily. Wordswan-editor.PNG

Select Categories.

Authors select relevant categories to ensure their content is published alongside similar pieces. Wordswan-categories.PNG

Helpful Tags.

Authors use tags to organize posts within their microsite.

Simple CMS.

Each author has a CMS with essential features such as post management. Wordswan-cms.PNG

Save Your Favorites.

When you find content that you like, simply add it to your favorites page. Wordswan-favorites.PNG

Wordswan is a passion project that we will continue to pour our heart and soul into.