Why are Savvy Digital Leaders Migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus?

Why are Savvy Digital Leaders Migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus?


As a forward-thinking digital leader, you've likely heard the buzz about Shopify Plus. It’s more than just noise. Hundreds of companies each year are making the switch from Magento (now called Adobe Commerce) to Shopify Plus with great success. Let’s face it, staying stuck with outdated tech isn't your style either. So it's time to look towards a brighter, more robust future for your online store.

Many leading brands are jumping ship from Magento to Shopify Plus for their digital commerce solution. Changing tech can seem daunting, and it's tough to find straightforward comparisons. We've broken it down, so it's easy for you to decide if now is the time to replatform and amplify your success.

Magento’s been king of the DIY online stores. It's flexible but is often unnecessarily complex. Now, there's a simpler way. SaaS is in, and it’s changing the game. It's all about making things easier for you, so you and your team can create amazing shopping experiences without the hassle.

If you’re still using the old Magento, you’re facing a big choice: Move up to on-premise or cloud based Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce), or check out what else is out there.

“It’s important to note that Adobe Commerce (cloud version) is NOT SaaS (Software as a Service), but a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model. This means you will still need software engineers to maintain the backend. Shopify Plus on the other hand is a SaaS solution where the backend is managed by internal Shopify engineers, which makes deploying new features easier and more cost-effective.”

Kaushal, Head of Engineering, Deploi

Scaling Made Simple

Magento is for big businesses, and Magento 2 is built to handle growth—but it comes at a cost. Think about the extras like hosting and maintenance. These can get complicated and pricey, and they distract you from what you do best.

With traditional on-premise Magento setups, you have to plan for the busiest day ever, which means lots of time and money spent on something you don’t use every day. Every time you update something, you cross your fingers hoping it doesn’t mess things up.

Setting up Magento can feel like a puzzle, and too much time goes into just keeping things running instead of making them better.

With Shopify Plus, it’s a different story. You get the power of Shopify's modern architecture. It's perfect for businesses that are growing fast and need a system they can count on, without the headache or hefty price tag.

Shopify Plus is a great fit for stores with big sales and lots of customers. It handles everything without breaking a sweat, so you can focus on making your products great, getting the word out, and giving your customers a shopping experience they’ll love.

Think of Shopify Plus as more than just a platform—it’s your business’ reliable partner, ready to take on your busiest days without a hitch.

Revenue Driving Customizations

With Magento 2, you need to know the ins and outs just to tweak a headline or add a new product. The learning curve’s steep, and even small updates can mean big bills and lots of waiting around.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, keeps it simple. Your dev team will be able to build custom features much faster and without the maintenance nightmares, even for features that don’t exist yet. You will be able to maintain your edge in your industry, by offering unique shopping experiences that keep customers coming back.

Revenue driving Shopify customizations is where the Deploi engineering team truly excels. We can build custom features for your digital store quickly and cost effectively.

For example, we built a custom gift wrapping feature natively into a client's Shopify theme in just 24 hours. Not only was this client happy at the speed of development, but there was no need to integrate with a 3rd party Shopify app to attain the desired customer experience.

With Shopify Plus, you can turn your attention back to what you love: innovation, marketing, and crafting those wow moments for your customers. Integrations That Just Work Think about the last time you wanted to add a new feature to your store. If you’re using Magento, it probably meant a long back-and-forth with developers, testing and even crashes.

With Shopify Plus, it’s a different story. Apps integrate smoothly meaning you get to reclaim your budget and your time, pouring them into what matters the most: strategies that enhance your brand.

Great Customer Experiences

Ever had a website bug that sent customers complaining? On Magento, it can be a scramble to fix. Shopify Plus is different. They keep a tight ship, meaning the apps and features you use are reliable and customer complaints are minimized. That’s the peace of mind you deserve.

Embrace Unified Commerce

One key limitation with Magento is its inability to integrate retail and wholesale operations within a single storefront. But why settle for less? As a savvy leader, you recognize the power of unity. Imagine the efficiency of overseeing all your orders in one place. No more scattered data or fragmented processes—just a seamless flow of information that enables you to lead with confidence and clarity.

Shopify Plus elevates your strategy by merging retail and wholesale into one cohesive platform, streamlining your operations and empowering you to manage your empire with unparalleled ease.

Top Notch Hosting and Security

You know that hosting and security aren't just technical jargon; they are the pillars of a thriving online business. With Magento on-premise, these essentials are on your to-do list, adding to your costs and workload. But with Shopify Plus, they're part of the package. Your store will not only run on a rock-solid platform but also boast top-tier Level 1 PCI compliance out of the box. That's fewer headaches for you and more focus on growing your business.

If you’re using Magento on-premise solution, achieving PCI Compliance is in your hands. Yes, you can set up a compliant store, but it’s on you to make sure it’s locked tight, which can be both expensive and complex. Plus, open-source platforms like Magento can be magnets for malware, posing an ongoing risk.

With Shopify Plus, you're not just getting a platform; you're getting the peace of mind that your brand and your customers are protected in the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce security.

The engineering team at Deploi is accustomed to building and managing cutting edge hosting solutions. With Shopify Plus, we don’t have to worry about hosting, which saves our clients money.

Expand Your Reach

Today, your customers are everywhere – scrolling through social feeds, reading blogs, exploring apps. They’re not just walking into stores or clicking on websites anymore. You’ve got to be where they are. That’s where Shopify Plus shines.

With Shopify Plus, your brand leaps off the page and onto over 20 different channels like Facebook, Instagram, and eBay. Imagine your products popping up in the places your customers hang out every day.

Shopify Plus does the heavy lifting, managing everything from payments to shipping. It’s like having a sales team that never sleeps, across the globe, without the hassle of managing multiple systems.

Want to add a “Buy Now” button to a blog or a third-party site? It’s as easy as copy-pasting a snippet of code. With Shopify’s Buy Button and lightweight SDKs, your dev team can transform any site into a shopping destination in minutes.

Meanwhile, Magento is playing catch-up. Integrating with all the places your customers shop can be complex and costly. And let’s talk about selling across borders. On Magento, managing multiple currencies is like juggling with more balls than you have hands.

Shopify Plus makes going global simple. Sell in multiple currencies from one single store, and Shopify will handle the conversions. You get paid in your currency, with no extra apps or store views to juggle.

In a world where your next customer could be on the other side of the planet or just on the other side of their smartphone, Shopify Plus is your passport to global and omnichannel selling.

Headless Flexibility

With Shopify Plus you also have the option to accelerate development and maximize flexibility with a headless commerce architecture. Headless is typically a good fit for a company with annual revenue of over $10 million. The beautiful thing about Headless Shopify is that it gives you the flexibility to build exactly what you need, while using the integrated backend solutions provided through Shopify.

The experienced team at Deploi can help you decide if a headless Shopify Plus solution is the right fit for your brand.

Replatform Quickly

Your role as a savvy digital leader is to navigate through change with confidence and clarity. Moving to Shopify Plus isn’t just a platform change; it’s a strategic upgrade for your brand, but we get it, replatforming is a big deal.

Deploi can design, build and launch a custom Shopify Plus store for your brand in just 2-4 months. The same store could easily take 2-3 times longer when building on top of Magento. . With Shopify Plus, it’s about giving you the power to create a store that’s as unique as your brand, minus the headaches.

So if you’re still pondering whether Shopify Plus is the right move, let’s clear those doubts. Schedule a free 45-minute strategy session with our CEO, who’s helped countless leaders like you make smart, profitable decisions. Whether you choose to migrate or not, you’ll gain invaluable insights.

Here are Some Powerful Success Cases of Shopify Plus Migrations to Inspire your Own

Brand: Nudestix

Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics

Migration Type: Shopify Plus Online Store 2.0

Post-Migration Wins

  • Complex migration was completed in 3 months just in time for significant brand and sales growth
  • Website bugs declined by 98%
  • Custom satisfaction soared across digital channels

“Deploi helped us deliver a complex digital transformation. And they executed in record time.”

Robert Beredo - Global Chief Digital Officer, Nudestix & Nudeskin www.deploi.ca/projects/nudestix

Brand: Alessi

Industry: Home Furnishing

Migration Type: Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus

Post-Migration Wins

  • Migrated to Shopify Plus in just 12 weeks
  • Ecommerce shop saw a 233% increase in page views
  • Conversion climbed 109%

“It’s not too complicated or too expensive. I chose Shopify Plus so Alessi could be proactive, change and test things super fast, and just to have an intuitive platform.”

Pablo Daniel - Chief Digital Officer, Alessi www.shopify.com/plus/customers/alessi

Brand: IMA (International Military Antiques)

Industry: Antiques

Migration Type: Magento to Shopify Plus

Post Migration Wins:

  • Boost in conversion rates by 19.16%
  • 24.20% rise in average order value
  • Increased their revenue by 36.85%

“Switching to Shopify Plus is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business career. The record fourth quarter is very validating after having been on Magento almost seven years.”

Alex Cranmer - Vice President, International Military Antiques www.shopify.com/plus/customers/international-military-antiques

Brand: Wajos

Industry: Food and beverages

Migration Type: Magento to Shopify Plus

Post Migration Wins:

  • Witnessed a thirteenfold revenue expansion within a year post-migration.
  • Order Value Jump: Average purchase size soared by 528%
  • Experienced a 121% boost in order volume

“Shopify Plus is super simple to handle and its state of the art features make it the perfect platform to scale our shop.”

Peter Oster - Managing Director, Wajos www.shopify.com/plus/customers/wajos

Brand: Beard & Blade

Industry: Health, beauty & Cosmetics

Migration type: Magento to Shopify Plus

Post Migration Wins:

  • Annual retail sales have seen a growth spurt of 35%
  • Income from wholesale operations has doubled, marking a 100% rise
  • Streamlining their retail and wholesale sales and inventories in one store

“Switching to Shopify Plus has been remarkable. We’re doing record sales since switching to Shopify Plus. This was unthinkable when we were on Magento.”

Adriano Salemme - Marketing Chief, Beard & Blade www.shopify.com/plus/customers/beard-and-blade

Brand: Bombas

Industry: Fashion and Apparel

Migration Type: Magento to Shopify Plus

Post Migration Wins:

  • Over $100K yearly savings in platform costs
  • Reliable performance through peak retail events.
  • Earnings over $17 million after migrating

“The bigger the buggy we built, the more horses we needed, and the more expensive it got just to keep from crashing.”

David Heath - Co-Founder, Bombas www.shopify.com/plus/customers/bombas


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